Climate #Greenwashing

The topic of corporate #greenwashing has a long history, and it’s not the primary goal of the Climate Web to restate that history, or to summarize the entire literature, as opposed to facilitating your exploration of the topic. Note that because the term #greenwishing is so much newer, we do try and make it easier for you to get your head around the topic on the next page of this Climate Site.

For #greenwashing, however, you can explore much of the relevant literature through this link -
S - Business Greenwashing - which delivers you to the spot in the Climate Web shown below.

There, most of the individual documents will download from the cloud when you click on them, and for some you’ll see we’ve extracted key ideas and graphics you can quickly access. 2011 Delmas_The drivers of greenwashing

Or you can explore the news and opinion literature relating to #greenwashing, which has picked up dramatically quite recently. N - Greenwashing - Climate Note that if you’ve downloaded the Climate Web via Premium Access (website), you can literally just hover your mouse (video) over individual stories to have them instantly pop up on your screen. It’s a massive time-saver.

One of the most interesting aspects of corporate #greenwashing has involved companies simultaneously pushing for climate action while opposing actual climate policies
(directly or through there trade associations). There is a whole literature on this, and you can dig into the topic through the Index Entry shown below: I:BusinessPolicyOpposition

In addition, one of the best organizations through which to dig into this is Influence Map in the UK. The screenshot below pulls together the publications of Influence Map that you can access in the Climate Web, and note that in many cases we’ve extracted key graphics and ideas from the publications and made them available (indicated by the filled in green dots at the bottom of a thought). InfluenceMap Publications

Greenwashing is not a topic that we’ve yet tackled with the detail of a Topical Roadmap such as you can see here when it comes to Underestimating Climate Risk. (microsite) If you’d like to see such a Topical Roadmap, or have us deliver a more detailed presentation on the topic, of the kind illustrated by this video, contact us!

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