Evidence-Based Climate Mitigation


This is of course a huge topic, given the hundreds of ways climate change mitigation objectives could potentially be advanced. The sheer number of these ways is why the Climatographers have created the metaphor of Climate Chess - the ultimate planetary boardgame (microsite).

The topical evidence surrounding climate change mitigation is distributed throughout the Climate Web, but the Monitoring and Evaluation Deep Dive makes an effort to pull the most focused evaluation literature together for many climate change topics. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are a whole series of sub-entries for individual topics, as well as access to the general literatures to the left - I:MonitoringandEvaluation (Deep Dive). [Note, this section of the Climate Web is evolving particularly rapidly, so you’ll be able to access more information any time to return to this Deep Dive].

It’s beyond the scope of this page to dig into the evidence across dozens of climate change mitigation topics; we simply wanted to note that a great deal of evidence is in fact available, and it’s organized in the Climate Web.

Note: While everything shown above is available on an open-access basis on-line, you’ll probably want to take advantage of Premium Access for serious digging into the evidentiary basis of climate change mitigation, or any of the hundreds of other topics covered by the Climate Web. Premium Access allows you to download the Climate Web to your own computer, making your access FAR faster and more powerful. Find out more here. Alternatively, in many cases you can import all of the information shown here (and more) into your own knowledge management system, or start your own knowledge management system using the same TheBrain software. We even have a FREE Climate Change Starter Brain to get you started.